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About Us

FlyBy Photos are fully insured and IAA (Irish Aviation
Authority) licensed to operate within Irish Airspace.


You probably call them drones, but we call them Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). Drones fly autonomously, and we are in full control at all times and only fly within our line-of-sight up to 400ft (120m) high and 500m distance.

We use a multicopter which flies using the downward thrust of multiple electric motors to achieve lift. It steers and moves by controlling the angle of the vehicle. This is accomplished with the assistance of gyroscopes, computers, and most importantly, the skill of the pilot. Aerial photography multicopters come in different sizes and shapes but are normally referred to by the number of rotors they have. The most common configurations are tricopters, quadcopters, hexacopters and octocopters.

The size of the vehicle is normally designed around the weight of the camera and the stabilisation system, also known as a gimbal. We use an advanced model which has a global positioning system (GPS) receivers and extremely sensitive altimeters to maintain a steady position in any wind. This means the pilot can concentrate on getting the best shot, instead of fighting the weather. Our flight controllers are also capable of flying precise, GPS-guided routes at precise altitudes. This is perfect for advanced photogrammetry or 3D scanning applications.


Sample Video of Galway Glamping

FlyBy Photos & Videos also uses a real-time video downlink to frame our photos and video. This is essentially a flying television station to broadcast exactly what the on-board camera sees to a hand-held monitor. Our services can be used for agriculture surveys, building/construction/wind turbine efficiency inspections and could possibly even be useful during search and rescue operations.